We feel since forums are gone the real-world and digital interaction and connection as well as community engagement got split over several media or lost completely.

This riders hub brings the community back under one roof.

By combining all important information about what’s going on, as well as direct links to all freebord relevant real world or digital gatherings, we want to provide a digital place for you as a rider.

As grom riders we always enjoyed “spreading the word” and representing the sport and community, putting stickers everywhere. It is part of our identity as riders. So whenever we got some kind of acknowledgement and appreciation back, it just fueled our stoke more and made us feel good about what we are doing. In a way that is also what we are trying to do here.

This account is made for you so you have one place you need to go to connect with your riding life and this fun thing we call freeboarding.

With the riders membership you get:

  • Your personal account that connects you to everything freebord and keeps you riding.
  • Access to games and challenges that connect you to what you like doing.

Points could be used for:

  • competition ranking
  • rewards
  • coupon codes

There are several possibilities how to get points that are added to your Riders Account.

  • You successfully submitted a challenge or trick or a variation of that.
  • Different point types besides “rider points” , like “community points” might be added in future for additional purposes.

To spice it up even more you can get ranks awarded for different reasons like landing all tricks of a game level or other “Rider Missions” we’ll challenge you with. For now though there is no more value behind these ranks than your own satisfaction and eventual “bragging rights”.

We understand that we can not change peoples behaviors within one day. For now this account is “just” for you. You can connect to the various digital community places through your account menu with one click. 

Social community features and a forum are of course “in the talks”, but for now we don’t want to blow it up to much and start just another place where you can find “some riders”.

Most important we don’t want to create more work. The goal is to make it easy for you to stay connected. So we will stay away from any functionalities and tools that might look fancy but are no value to what you need as a rider.

There are crazy more possibilities from map integrations to riders dop in points, life tracking, secret spot lists, and and and. 

BUT…Lets enjoy the games for now and see how it goes. Everything is very fresh and basically all build and designed by me in a couple of days and nights. Let us add more features step by step together. We’ll for sure involve you to see what actually makes sense for you as a rider. We don’t want to keep you logged in, but rather see you riding.