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Thread: Topic Grenoble

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    Topic Grenoble

    For those who want to have a ride in Grenoble, you're welcome to post here!
    Pour ceux qui veulent rider sur Grenoble, c'est ici que ça se passe!

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    Re: Topic Grenoble

    Yeah ! Now we can flood on both snowboardthestreets and here ! That's rock man !
    Just... We don't really have to speak in english here right ?

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    Re: Topic Grenoble

    topic déplacé dans le forum francophone.
    Pour les sessions Grenoble, je vous conseille de creer un topic dans le groupe Alpes Françaises par exemple.

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    oh, WORD
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    Re: Topic Grenoble

    Hello, I am from New Jersey USA and am coming this summer to the Freebord Summer camp. Anyone here also going to be there that week?

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    Re: Topic Grenoble

    :cheers: yeah me too it's gonna be huge

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    Re: Topic Grenoble

    Quote Originally Posted by "Tozier" post=1122
    Hello, I am from New Jersey USA and am coming this summer to the Freebord Summer camp. Anyone here also going to be there that week?
    I think it's not a good plan for riders from Grenoble to go there cause we have the snow and the roads during all the year.
    But you'll meet plenty of french guys!

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    Gaper Steez
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    Re: Topic Grenoble

    Snowboarding the morning, freebording the afternoon, both with professional riders to coach and give you the best advices to progress! And i think this year gonna be more like an international Summer Camp! Less frenchy, more foreign people!
    Do you really do this often, even if you're living in Grenoble??

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    Re: Topic Grenoble

    No, and that sucks, but it kind of expensif for someone who go to "les 2 alpes" twice a month, and who can ride that road every summer... And who don't really need profssional advice.
    But if you do the summer camp somewhere I've never been, I will seriously consider doing it !

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    Re: Topic Grenoble

    Haha les préjugés des grenoblois sur le summer camp, c'est marrant Ã* lire !

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    Re: Topic Grenoble

    Que veux tu mon pauvre Arnaud, t'as plus le niveau pour te permettre de donner des conseils aux jeunes maintenant! :P

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