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Thread: One day into the record books - fail

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    Angry One day into the record books - fail

    I created a youtube channel to document the learning process. If anyone has tips, I will gladly welcome it. I have been snowboarding off and on since 96, and I don't know if my setup is way off or what, but so far, I suck. I am old and fat and falling sucks. I am recovering from yesterdays fall and how it messed up my shoulder. So please, I don't want to give up. I want to learn so bad. I am afraid of falling. Help and old, fat guy out! Any tips would be great.

    PS- Should my trucks move at all for steering or it that not something I should worry about?

    Here's a link to that youtube page:

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    I too am 38...and def feeling old on my FB. I did get a jump on you though, started when i was 33 I think.

    Best advice...take your time, ride small amounts each day...even 10 minute sessions are very valuable. Watch lots of videos. I think it promotes your desire to learn, and helps with the mental side of things. Hold your edges, you are wobbling between them in the video i saw...try to role on one edge for a good distance before rocking to your other edge...hit the edges with conviction so there is no chance of wobbling back to the other edge unintentionally.

    Most important advice....have fun, dont beat yourself up if it takes a long time to learn. It may take weeks, even months before you are comfortable going down a hill start to finish. But when you do, it will have all been worth it.

    Do your best to find someone to learn with or help you learn. Freebording is always fun in groups, and the whole monkey see monkey do thing really kicks in.

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    Thanks! I appreciate the advice. I really wish a I had someone in the area who knew what they were doing. It would help me stop guessing what my problem is.

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    oh, WORD skiskask8's Avatar
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    That is really good advice!
    mentals pretty big, its such a "eureka" moment when it clicks

    the trucks turn very little, hey! Don't look down!:)

    snowboard cues:
    "don't look down"
    "shoulders pointing where ya wanna go(not facing)"
    (i like)"keep your downhill hand on your pant's belt buckle"

    id recommend wrist guards for a larger buddy

    monkey see, monkey do...
    how many snowboarders it take to screw in a lightbulb?
    one to do it, the others to say "yeeaaa man, i can do that"
    Ratchets are my hands Stromae is my jam, the Mussels from Brussels.

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    SO how has it been going Mercuryinhell?

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