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Thread: Speed rings/washers

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    Speed rings/washers

    I saw a post recommending putting as many speed rings as possible behind the wheels. Can washers from a hardware store be used for this purpose? Freebord sites in the U.S. Sells them but the Australian sites doesn't have them on their site.

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    That may have been me. You can normally only put 3 or 4 on G'3s before you push your outer bearing onto the threads. 6 or 7 on G3-R's, the one time I tried. They are a pretty specific size to match the bearings, if you can find the same size at the hardware store, go for it.

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    the spacer is really just to only have the inside race of the bearing being held, having more then one spacer on both sides of the inside race of the bearing... don't see the point.... unless the wheel is still flopping about when the threads are all used up
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    I think he’s talking about a stack of speed rings against the shoulder of the hanger – pushing the wheel further out on the axel.

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