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Thread: G3-R Review (multi part / ongoing)

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    Would love to hear from someone that does. Is it the tapered hangar, is it the rocker, is it just what you learned on...Why G3-R's?
    I started on G3's for like 2 years, then upgraded to G3-R's.........Imo Starting out on G3-R's Full rock was quite a transition on the amount of rocker....I got over this after a few rides....I had broken a ton of G3 baseplates B4 getting G3-R's that lasted 2 years b4 cracking some tabs (So you know these got a working over from me with drops & park) the kingpin upgrade in them to High tensial is great..all in all I'm a Big Fan....they also make pressing easier on full rock imo 10/10 no caster looseness over 2y either!!

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    and you go big!
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    Still on G3's. Don't imagine that will ever change.

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