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Thread: Maintenance After Riding on Wet Pavement

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    Maintenance After Riding on Wet Pavement

    I have recently gone out bording on Wet Pavement and can already is it is probably not the best thing for a stock bord. After each ride at a location my buddy and I had a towel and dried the bord as best as we could. My center wheels are now pretty much locked up(do not spin with ease) and when I toke off my baseplates there was some water in there so I cleaned it up.

    My question is what do you do for maintenance after riding on Wet Pavement? Re-grease everything if so what do you use? Wd-40 or oil?

    Thanks in advance for all the responses

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    You did pretty much everything you should have done, except with the bearings. There is another post about this somewhere that i'll try to find later. Basically do what you did with wiping down the bord and components, but also remove the bearings and dry them off and re-oil....don't use wd-40....if you are really concerned, you can drop the bearings in rubbing alcohol for a while. Then take them out, dry them, and re-oil. Bearings and the deck getting warped are the only things you need to worry about riding we roads really.
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    Wet riding won't hurt the bord and baseplate as much as the bearings ??? Do you have the stock shielded bearings? ?? I have been taking 1 shied off each bearing if they are non serviceable. Then soak them in paint thinner for 20 min or more it will break the grease down. Then spin ur bearings and make sure they roll smooth if not they still have crud in them then repeat the same process till they roll smooth. Dry em off with a hair dryer and re oil them. Install bearings with the existing shield facing out and you be ok. Oil rolls easy but makes more noise, and won't last long and collects dirt easy and seeps out of ur bearings causing dust to collect on bearing shieds grease is slower keeps bearings quite, repels water better, but is tougher to clean out. Wd 40 dries up easy and softens greese.

    I made up a batch of lube with a little bit of grease and synthetic blend oil and mixed it with a dremel roto tool. It is thick enough to not drip off a screwdriver and it has held up nice with water and cold weather and cleans up easy with alcohol or paint thinner. Just my opinion is that ur bearings are not shot just dirty with fine grit

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