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Thread: Sam Trowbridge

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    Re: Sam Trowbridge

    a legend

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    Gaper Steez
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    Apr 2011

    Re: Sam Trowbridge

    the legend

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    Re: Sam Trowbridge

    Rest In Peace Sam, one of the most inspirational riders ever, whom I unfortunately never got the honor of meeting.

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    Re: Sam Trowbridge

    Surely the greatest

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    Re: Sam Trowbridge

    first video i saw was of trowbridge, most likely wouldnt be riding w/o him. steezy til the end. :spinner:

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    Re: Sam Trowbridge

    RIP_Butter King

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    Re: Sam Trowbridge

    stay steezy

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    Re: Sam Trowbridge

    If it can happen to the best, then it can happen to you. :(

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    Re: Sam Trowbridge

    I am still a noob but i have been watchin hella videos and this doods style is through through the roof. He makes everything look so easy. Butter Master. Mad steez in general. What a tragedy. I will never ride without my helmet.

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    Re: Sam Trowbridge

    it's a shame to see such an AMAZING riding pass. but hopfully he won't go in vein, and it will be a lesson to EVERYONE that no matter how good you are: WEAR A HELMET YOU F******* GOONER!!
    rest in peace Sam.

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