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Thread: Sam Trowbridge

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    Sam Trowbridge

    Snowboard The Streets

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    Re: Sam Trowbridge

    favourite rider.. butters are amazing

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    Re: Sam Trowbridge

    he has a great riding style! i love to press it out too so hands down one of my favorite riders.:fbstar:

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    Re: Sam Trowbridge

    you've always been my favorite Sam..... I'm heart broken.

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    Re: Sam Trowbridge

    i miss you so much already bro. shred endless cheddah till i get there buddy :fbstar:

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    Re: Sam Trowbridge

    A Legend.

    you will never be forgotten!
    if yer binders ain't squeakin, you ain't tweakin!

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    Re: Sam Trowbridge

    Truely a legend. This is a horrible tragedy and I can only hope some people take this as a lesson and wear a helemt, I think Sam would want it that way.

    We'll miss you buddy
    "Only hardcore people ride Freebords, baby."

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    Re: Sam Trowbridge

    I never had the pleasure of actually meeting Sam, but I have spent so much time watching his amazing videos of him shredding to the fullest that I feel like I knew him. He seemed like he was very happy and always having fun doing what he loved. Steve is right though, we should all get the point by now that helmets are a MUST. If anything can be gained from this tragedy I would agree that having the community finally learn that hard lesson would be it.
    I said this on facebook, but for those that missed it: My take on helmets is that even though you may have all the skill in the world, none of us are able to control certain variables that can inflict just as much damage as you might on your own.

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    Re: Sam Trowbridge

    Neve forgotten

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    Re: Sam Trowbridge

    the greatest.

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