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Thread: Alpha trucks and alpha trucks with g3 castors for sale at Spread the Shred SF

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    I can't see any "private message" anywhere (please send one to me if you can).
    I can pay you with paypal and give you my address for shipping bu tI won't be able to a shipping label as I'm not in USA.

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    Hey pale, using the general forum website(black) not an app, for a pm, click on the dudes name to read/go to his "profile," to the left under his "avatar" will be "send a private message".

    when you get one, it'll be a small notification at the very top right of the page under "notifications: 1"
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    Got it!

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    Hey! I really need some new trucks or casters, in the bay area. Do you still have these?

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    If i don't work anything out with PaleRider they are yours.

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